Advanced-Forms® Archive



The Advanced-Forms® archive enables you to archive all documents that have been processed by Advanced-Forms® in an effective and easy way according to your requirements. The Advanced-Forms® Archive can be used for documents from several applications. You can use Advanced-Forms® to create your documents from your ERP application and automatically archive them with the required metadata in the Advanced-Forms® Archive.

If you are using MS Dynamics Business Central or Supply Chain Management, you can even open these documents from the Advanced-Forms® Archive directly to the customer card in your ERP application. This makes retrieval of these documents much easier. And in case you need to do a re-print of an invoice in your ERP application, Advanced-Forms® will automatically check if the document is already there in the Archive. If that’s the case, Advanced-Forms® will pick up that document from the Advanced-Forms® archive and do the re-print.

About the solution

The Advanced-Forms® archive runs on the Advanced-Forms® portal, so that end users can easily use the archive and find documents via their normal web browser. The Advanced-Forms® archive can be set up flexibly and with the correct authorizations according to the desired search criteria. The metadata is filled in via Advanced-Forms® (all data available on the document can also be used as metadata). Metadata is the data on which you can later search for the document. An example is the invoice number or customer number, etc.