E-Invoicing via the PEPPOL network


E-Invoicing to the PEPPOL network

An electronic invoice (E-Invoice) contains the same invoice data as a paper invoice. Payment is made on the basis of the invoice. With e-invoicing, the layout is always structured in the same way. An E-Invoice can therefore very easily be processed electronically from one automated system into another system. Time-consuming and costly manual processing is therefore a thing of the past. This results in cost and time savings for both suppliers and the government.

About the solution

Users of Advanced-Forms® have recently also been able to receive and send their E-Invoices in addition to existing PDF and email options via the PEPPOL-network (www.peppol.eu). To connect your organization to the PEPPOL-network requires a provider with a Peppol Access Point.

Before sending of E-Invoices from Advanced-Forms® Quadira has contracted a number of parties that provide an Access Point to the PEPPOL-network.