Add Attachments


Add attachments to Business Central reports

When sending your business documents, you often need attachments. Consider for example, including a timesheet, your general terms and conditions, specific customer agreements regarding deliveries, product specifications or another attachment. With add-attachment from Advanced-Forms® you can easily add an attachment to a customer-specific email template … but even from the send screen. If your documents are ready to be sent, you even then have the option to add any attachments that need to be sent.


  • Add Attachments
  • Configure it for each customer if you desire
  • No development costs
  • Do it yourself
  • Be flexible


Advanced-Forms® for Business Central

About the solution

With the latest version of the connectors you are able to easily design, archive, and send any document you want. We make it easy for you as an end-user to distribute the document in various ways from the preview screen.

With the newest functionality “Add Attachments” you are able to add any desired attachments to your outgoing documents.