With the use of Digital-Forms®, you make processes digital, less prone to error, and shorten your lead times. Employees guided to go through a process, which means they are guided uniformly. Checks such as availability of resources or approval can be automated.

Digital-Forms® can be used to capture human input in your automated process. As part of an output management platform, it is a method to control the layout, distribution, and archiving of human data input and your (ERP) system.

About the solution

Digital-Forms® is a user-friendly and flexible solution enabling the automation of your processes. Each digital form can be the start of a process. For example, a declaration, a request for a day off, a reservation for presentation tools, or an application for an internal function.

Digital-Forms® helps you to quickly and easily:

  • Start automating processes;
  • Create, link, print, send and archive your digital forms;
  • Gain process control whilst uniforming the process steps;
  • Support users to comply with corporate rules;
  • Adjust your digital forms and process to the language of local activities of your company and or users;
  • Apply your corporate identity.