Advanced-Forms® Cloud

Available for the following systems
Advanced-Forms® for F&SCM
Advanced-Forms® for Business Central

Supported versions
Business Central version: 14 to 23 Cloud and On-Prem

Advanced-Forms® Cloud is an easy-to-use and flexible SaaS solution that allows you to automate your outbound document flow (such as invoices, purchase orders, quotes, shipping documents and more).

Document formatting with WYSIWYG Designer;

Add temporary promotions or personalized messages to your documents;
Add your corporate identity to your outgoing documents;
Customize the document in the language of your choice;
Automatically print, send and archive documents.

Advanced-Forms® Cloud



Apply your identity to all your documents, add charts or calculate the sum total. With Advanced-Forms®, your documents will obtain a professional and personal touch. Whether it concerns an invoice, delivery note or any other document


Send as PDF, XML, Word, Excel. Just print or a combination of these


Customer and country specific personalized email body. Use of CC and BCC possible. Repetitive attachments such as general terms and conditions of sale and product features


Archive your documents with self-defined features – in your ERP application – and use the archive easily via your normal web browser. Add additional documents with specific features and distribute them (if desired) by email. The Advanced-Forms® archive can be flexibly arranged


To connect to your environment we have several interfaces, including NAV, AX, BC , F&SCM, JDE, Jeeves and SAP. 

What you're missing without the Advanced-Forms® Full version

database reader

Is the data from your application incomplete? Do you have additional information to add to your documents? The Advanced-Forms® Database Reader allows you to access all kind of databases to collect information without any adjustments to your application


Compose your workflow in a simple and flexible way and validate the outgoing documents e.g. quotation, credit note, and other documents in the intuitive portal. Stay in control of your outbound document flow

validation app

Users, customers and suppliers can simply validate documents via a browser app and/or the Advanced-Forms® app for Android, iOS and Windows.

Advanced-Forms® Cloud

Professional document management without the headaches. How much time does your team waste every day creating, sending, validating and archiving crucial documents such as invoices, quotes and reports? With Advanced-Forms®, you’ll transform this process into a streamlined, effortless experience.

What exactly is Advanced-Forms®? Advanced-Forms® is not just another tool; it is the solution that redefines the way we think about document and email management. This advanced software offers a user-friendly and flexible approach to fully automate your outbound document flow, integrating seamlessly with various ERP systems and business applications.

The result? A seamless workflow where designing, distributing, digitally validating and securely archiving your documents and emails becomes not only more efficient, but also more error-free and reliable. With Advanced-Forms®, you get the control and professionalism you’ve always wanted for your document flow.