AddFieldsToReport & AddLabels


Add fields and labels to Finance & Operations reports

Ever found yourself designing a report and realizing you’re missing a particular field in the dataset? Now, you can add this field to the dataset in Finance & Operations in less than 2 minutes and position it on the document layout. Often, adding a field in Finance & Operations can be time-consuming and might require extensive developer hours.

No longer rely on developers to add fields to a report. Avoid high costs, long lead times, and stay flexible by utilizing the AddFieldsToReport functionality of Advanced-Forms® for Finance & Operations.


  • Add fields to dataset
  • Immediately use the new fields in the design
  • Create (language-dependent) label files
  • Save on development costs
  • Do it yourself
  • Be flexible
  • Short lead times



Advanced-Forms® for Business Central
Advanced-Forms® for NAV

About the solution

With Advanced-Forms®, you can easily design, archive, and send any desired document. We make it easy for end-users to distribute the document in various ways from the preview screen.

With the latest “AddFieldsToReport” functionality, you have the ability to add any desired field to the dataset. This provides access to every table available in Finance & Operations. Thus, you can seamlessly add fields from different tables to a dataset and then use them for the layout of your documents. And all this without the need for a developer… Take control!