Check printing with MICR font.

Start check printing with Advanced-Forms® after less than 3 minutes of configuration ....

Enjoy the convenience of us taking care of it

Enjoy the convenience and let us organize the process as desired. With the check reports from Advanced-Forms®, you do not have to worry about this process. In just a few minutes you can print checks. If desired, we can adjust the check layout. Think of a special font, a logo per company, or fields in other places.

Start printing checks for FREE!

Experience the convenience of printing checks by using our solution. Start printing checks for free and become convinced of the convenience. 

A solution approved by your bank

The checks are approved by the biggest and well-known banks. The placement of the correct MICR font on the check is very important. Our check reports are structured according to the rules that banks set for this. It is therefore a matter of configuring and using it! Let us take care of your approved checks so that you can deal with the daily processes.

Advantages of using Advanced-Forms® for your check printing

  • Bank Approved Checks
  • Live in less than 3 minutes
  • We organize the process and make sure you enjoy the convenience
  • We will desing your pefect check based on your requirements
  • Once in a lifetime configuration
  • Be in control of your check report designs
  • Or enjoy the convenience of letting us take care of it
  • Pay only if you use it
  • Start printing checks for FREE!
  • SaaS solution!

Check Printing with AF

Advanced-Forms® introduces a seamless and efficient check printing solution using MICR font, transforming the traditional check processing experience. In less than three minutes, you can set up and start printing checks, thanks to their user-friendly configuration process. This service not only offers rapid setup but also invites users to try printing checks for free, ensuring satisfaction before any commitment is made.

Importantly, the checks printed with Advanced-Forms® are approved by major banks, adhering to strict banking standards, especially in the use of the correct MICR font. The solution is designed to be compliant with the regulations set by banks, providing peace of mind and convenience.

Advanced-Forms® goes beyond mere functionality by offering customization options for your checks. Whether it’s a unique font, a specific company logo, or altering the layout of fields, the service caters to these requirements with ease. This customization, coupled with the assurance of bank approval and a pay-per-use model, makes Advanced-Forms® an attractive option for businesses seeking efficient and compliant check printing solutions.