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25 Years Quadira

In celebration of Quadira’s 25th anniversary, we sit down with CEO and Founder Hajo Kanters to delve into the company’s legacy and future aspirations. 

Global overview of our Customers

600+ customers trust in our Advanced-Forms® solution. Here are just a few of our esteemed customers.


Discover the power of Advanced-Forms®. As showcased on the right, our solution elevates the presentation of your documents to a whole new level. Slide from right to left to witness the transformation from ‘before’ to ‘after’. With our state-of-the-art software, create and dispatch your documents seamlessly and attractively.

*Exclusive for Dynamics users

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We have the optimal solution for creating and sending all your documents. With our software, named Advanced-Forms® Cloud, you can swiftly format and send various types of documents with ease.

The right solution

Discover the perfect ERP solution with a free demo of Advanced-Forms® Cloud for Business Central.


Experience the convenience and speed of document creation with Advanced-Forms®.

Save time & costs

Save time and costs with Advanced-Forms®: simple, efficient, and self-manageable.

The quality of quadira

Experience unparalleled efficiency with Quadira. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you achieve optimal results, reduced costs, and significant time savings. Trust in Quadira’s top-rated solutions to elevate your business processes.


Create your documents within 4 steps


Data-Extraction with Advanced-Forms®

Extract essential data effortlessly from your ERP or business system with Advanced-Forms®. No manual input, no missing data – the system handles it all seamlessly.


Design using User-Friendly Templates

Craft perfect documents with Advanced-Forms®. Utilize drag-and-drop features and flexible templates to align with your company’s brand effortlessly.


Add Dynamic Content

Elevate your documents with Advanced-Forms®. Integrate dynamic fields such as QR codes and barcodes for tailored, professional results.


Distribute and Archive

Dispatch documents with one click using Advanced-Forms®. Plus, enjoy automatic archiving for easy retrieval.

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Frequently Asked Question

Have questions about how Advanced-Forms® can revolutionize your document management? We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent inquiries we receive to help you understand the power and versatility of our solution. Dive into our FAQs to learn more about the seamless integration, efficiency, and adaptability that Advanced-Forms® offers your business.

Advanced-Forms® is a versatile document management solution that assists in efficient data extraction, user-friendly document design with templates, incorporation of dynamic content like QR codes, and the distribution and archiving of documents. It streamlines business processes, saves time and costs, and ensures professional document presentation.

Advanced-Forms® is designed for rapid deployment. Depending on your specific needs, the software can be operational in as little as one day*, allowing you to quickly begin optimizing your document management processes. (* For Cloud Products)

Yes, Advanced-Forms® offers extensive compatibility with various ERP systems, including Dynamics BC, F&SCM, CE/CRM, AX, NAV and other systems like SAP, Oracle JD Edwards and more. This ensures seamless integration and efficiency, regardless of the ERP system your business uses.

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Curious about how Advanced-Forms® can benefit your business? Interested in a live demo of our innovative solutions? Don’t hesitate to reach out today. Our expert team is ready to answer all your questions and show you how our software can transform your business processes.

Recent News

Stay informed about the latest news at Quadira. Find out how Advanced-Forms® continues to innovate to optimize your document management. Discover our recent collaborations, product updates, and customer stories that demonstrate how our solutions make a difference in practice.

Quadira steunt Peter & 538 Ochtendrun

Quadira steunt Peter & 538 Ochtendrun

Soms gebeurd er in je familie iets waardoor alles even stil…

Give your customers and/or suppliers instant access to their personal documents.

Give your customers and/or suppliers instant access to their personal documents.

With the Rest Interface of Advanced-Forms® combined with the Advanced-Forms® Archive,…


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