Advanced-Forms® for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/CE

Be in control of your report designs


  • Easily design reports in the powerful Advanced-Forms® Designer;
  • Eliminate high development costs by doing it yourself;
  • Use exotic fonts in your reports;
  • Calculation possibilities in your designs;
  • Use matrices and easily add labels and different barcodes.

Easily manage the output of your documents

  • Distribute your perfect designed documents in different formats(XML, PDF, Excel, Word);
  • Distribute with Multi Output Channels;
  • Distribute simple and extensive with the advanced possibilities;
  • Easily print from CRM/CE;
  • Easily mail from CRM/CE with your designed template.

Advanced-Forms® Archive and other advantages

  • Easy connection with sharepoint;
  • Simply involve external documents to your workflow;
  • Simply connect and read from external databases;
  • Search for documents in the Advanced-Forms® archive on the customer card in CRM/CE;
  • Add static documents to your archive.

General information

Advanced-Forms® is a user friendly and flexible output management solution, enabling the automated creation, distribution and archiving of your documents (such as invoices, purchase orders, quotations, transport documents and many more) in an easy and flexible way with a tight integration with any system.

The use of Advanced-Forms® helps you saving time and resources by working more efficiently. It reduces errors and meets both internal and external requirements for the delivery and processing of all business documents. This easy to use and flexible formula makes Advanced-Forms® a unique output management solution, that will allow you to gain more control over your document flow.