About us

Quadira helps organizations worldwide to easily and flexibly connect, create and share documents from ERP systems.

Hajo Kanters

Thé document output specialist

We believe in software that is easy and flexible to use. In today’s world of standardization, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain flexible and maintain a corporate identity for your outgoing documents within your standard ERP. At Quadira, we are committed to increasing the flexibility within your organization.

Our success comes from a full commitment to excellent customer service, our investment in the right staff, and in the development and enhancements to our Advanced-Forms® solution. Quadira started in 1999 as a supplier of a document output management solution. The shortcomings in the document output management solution led to the idea of ​​developing a solution called “Advanced-Forms®”. With the knowledge gained about the market in combination with the shortcomings, the most comprehensive and successful document output management solution has been created.

Quadira has been the specialist in document output management for more than 25 years. With more than 1,000 implementations, 40 trained and certified professionals and passion for the market, we are ready for any document output management challenge.

Hajo Kanters

Founder and CEO


Microsoft Gold Application Development

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner: Microsoft has officially stated that Quadira offers an effective and comprehensive solution to its customers. The term Gold Application Development indicates that the quality is guaranteed for the products supplied by the Microsoft Partner. Based on various tests and customer experiences, our skills were assessed: the applications of Quadira are of the highest quality.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

This certification has been achieved for several connectors. With this, Microsoft indicates that our solutions meet the highest standards that a development partner can earn. The criteria are:

  • Designed to meet industry needs;
  • Tested for integration with Microsoft Dynamics products;
  • Used and recommended by other organizations;
  • Professionally implemented and systematically supported.

Quality mark E-Invoicing

With our years of experience, we are able to advise and assist you in the transition to electronic invoicing. We comply with international standards and the certification mark E-Invoicing is an affirmation of the quality that we deliver.


UBL Ready

Quadira is UBL Ready: with Advanced-Forms® you can collect your invoices in various formats (including UBL) from ERP or financial applications. If desired, you can add data, directly from your applications, to customize the layout depending on the country or type of customer. The use of Advanced-Forms helps you work more efficiently by saving you time and resources. It reduces errors and meets both internal and external requirements for the delivery and processing of your electronic invoices.

Growing with new developments

With a constant strategic focus, Quadira offers with Advanced-Forms® a document output management solution of extremely high class. The phase in which Quadira has reached with Advanced-Forms® can be characterized as one of the best software solutions in the world. In a worldwide landscape of ERP solutions, Advanced-Forms®, Quadira’s document output management solution, is unimaginable. The optimization and further development of Advanced-Forms® take place in the highest achievable manner so that functionalities and the added value of the document output management solution remain at a consistently high level.

I believe in simple and flexible software. That’s why Advanced-Forms® is quick and easy to deploy in any environment.

The use of software should therefore be simple and quick to deploy. Advanced-Forms® is therefore built in such a way that if, for example, you upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, you can take Advanced-Forms® with you without any worries. Existing projects and documents require only minor adjustments; instead of programming, all you need to do is configure them. In short, Quadira’s Advanced-Forms® document output management solution is built using technology that is ready for the future.

Advanced-Forms® and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. A definition of an ERP system is as following: a software solution that brings together important information from different business departments. An ERP solution automates business processes, increases productivity and reduces costs. ERP can help to maximize compliance with customer requirements. However, that is not entirely and always the reality. For years, ERP has usually focused on transactions and not so much on documents. How these documents are formatted (the design), how they are processed and therefore received and sent, where and by whom they are used. Documents are often seen as necessary, but not necessarily as essential. Due to the diversity of companies and wishes, this is also reflected in the wishes regarding the document. The solution for ‘own’ documents then often lies in having them programmed.

The lack of input in the development of documents and the need to make adjustments quickly, results in friction and less satisfied employees and customers. In addition, the cost of developing documents is enormous. Sometimes up to 20% of the total ERP implementation budget is spent on documents.

With Advanced-Forms® we offer a flexible solution with which you can design your own ERP documents and also set them up to be sent automatically. At any time, to whom and in any form.

Through years of experience, we know which problems can arise when purchasing an ERP system. We have designed our Advanced-Forms® solution to fit perfectly into your ERP environment. With Advanced-Forms® you can then easily design the documents yourself and set them up to be sent automatically depending on the wishes of the customer or supplier. Customers who use our solution see new possibilities Document Output Management instead of limitations as they did in the past.