Validation with Advanced-Forms®



Advanced-Forms® allows organizations to use outgoing document approval workflows outside premises via a smartphone, a tablet, or any other mobile device. Advanced-Forms® notifies the use directly on the chosen device whenever you need to approve a document like a purchase order, shipment order, etc. The mobile app of Advanced-Forms® allows you to see the document details and even adjust the document before you approve or decline the document.

About the solution

Advanced-Forms® is available for iOs, Android and windows devices. The approval app is part of the solution “Advanced-Forms®” which has a small footprint in your Dynamics, SAP, Oracle JD Edwards, Jeeves, Fujitsu Glovia or any other environment.

The Advanced-Forms® mobile app for approvals operates by using an internet connection from the phone to connect to the Advanced-Forms® portal. Our Advanced-Forms® connector extracts the documents out of the ERP-system into the validation portal.

  • User may see documents pending for approval
  • User will be notified whenever a new document becomes pending for approval
  • User may add personal notes to the document before it will be sent out to the customer