Quadira x Voedselbank Veghel

At Quadira, we think it’s important to give something back to the community in which we live and work. We brainstormed about what is important to us, what is close to us, what touches us and what suits us. From this, a number of key points emerged: local, accessibility and personality.

After an intensive search, we found a charity that is literally close to us: the Voedselbank in Veghel, which is right across the street! The Voedselbank Veghel runs entirely on donations and the efforts of volunteers. They offer support to people who are temporarily struggling to put enough food on the table. An intake takes place, followed by screening and counseling, with the goal of eventually getting people back on their feet independently, without help from the food bank.

Quadira would like to make a difference by helping Food Bank Veghel. After a very warm and pleasant conversation with volunteers from the food bank, our feeling to get involved grew. We were impressed by the amount of work they do each week and their reliance on available resources. It is special to see that they put together packages especially for the summer vacations that are tailored to this.

In consultation with the food bank we are going to support them in various ways. This started last week, when some colleagues spent a morning helping to put together the weekly packages. Upon their return, they were full of praise for the fine people, the openness and what they all learned. They were also touched by the gratitude of the people and they gained more insight into the ins and outs of the food bank. They would love to go back again!

This is why we love to commit ourselves to charity. We see the feeling in everyone, that sense of giving something over for another. We have to be aware that we ourselves can be in this situation. Suddenly we can have bad luck in our lives, such as losing a job, limiting our income.

We are consulting with the food bank to discuss how we can support them even more this year. Among other things, we are collecting plastic bottles and cans. We are also collecting specific items that they are short of so that these can be included in the food packages.

To make these actions a success, every colleague at Quadira contributes in his/her own way. Together, we can really make a positive impact and help local people in need.

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