Give your customers and/or suppliers instant access to their personal documents.

With the Rest Interface of Advanced-Forms® combined with the Advanced-Forms® Archive, you easily unlock your documents from the archive to a customer portal or other “my environment.” Customers or suppliers have the ability to view or retrieve their specific documents by simply clicking on the document. This way, your customers and/or suppliers work in one central environment and it is clear for them. This will save you a lot of time and prevent errors that result from a manual action.


If you are already using the Advanced-Forms® Archive you can simply use the existing setup. This means that you only need to connect to the customer portal or a “my environment” using the Rest Interface of Advanced-Forms®. By using this solution you can easily let your customers and/or suppliers display their documents in their own environment. By looking at the Advanced-Forms® Archive you are assured of an up-to-date overview of the documents. Based on a specific value – for example a document number – you can automatically search the archive after which the document is returned in the desired format and thus shown in the customer portal or a “my environment”.


Customers who have the Advanced-Forms® Full Version have the option of using the Rest Interface. Advanced-Forms® Full works with most well-known ERP systems such as; Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, JD Edwards, LN Infor, as well as any other system that can generate data.

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