The transition

More and more companies are considering making a switch from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central. These are often companies that have been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for years and (have to) switch to Business Central.

The transition from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central is also a transition of documents and on this page we, as document specialists, will show you how you can smoothly transfer as efficiently as possible..

The current environment (NAV)

Companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV often work with a lot of customization. This customization is mainly in the documents. 

New situation (BC)

Get rid of customization

The most important question in the transition from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central is: what happens to all customized documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV? The standard functionality that Business Central offers in combination with Advanced-Forms® makes customization unnecessary. 


The first option of switching to Business Central is by migration. The less customization that needs to be transferred the easier the migration. Because Business Central uses a different code than Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Because of this it will have to be set up again. Customization is in fact a modification in the code of the software. It is therefore very interesting for the user to get rid of customization in the current Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment.


The second option to move to Business Central is through re-implementation. Since re-implementation involves rebuilding your old Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment, that is the time to look for an alternative of customization in your documents.

Benefits of Advanced-Forms® in the current Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment 

Depending on the version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can also start with document formatting via Advanced-Forms®. When you move to Business Central, all you have to do is check if the right fields are still available. Now is the best time to start using Advanced-Forms®. By formatting documents with Advanced-Forms® you will save a lot of time rebuilding documents and having customizations made during the migration.

Benefits of Advanced-Forms® in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment

The advantage of starting with Advanced-Forms® when you go to Business Central is that you can easily create documents to mail, print and/or archive. The fields that are not in the standard documents can easily be read with the AddFieldsToReport functionality. Because of this, customization is no longer necessary.


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