Advanced-Forms® Mobile Privacy Policy Last modified: July 13, 2017 Information We Collect Advanced-Forms receives or collects information when we operate and provide our Services, including when you install, access, or use our Services. Quadira does not store or receive your information; all information provided by you in our Application is stored on the server where your Advanced-Forms instance is running. Information You Provide
  • Your Account Information. You or your employer provide(s) personal information to create your personal account. This information includes but is not restricted to username, email address, password, first name, surname and gender. You can change this information at any point in time using the Advanced-Forms Portal.
  • Your input. We do retain your input in the ordinary course of providing our services to you. Once your input (including your comments, photos, videos, files, and shared location information) are delivered, they are saved in the server where your Advanced-Forms instance is running.
Information You And We Share You share your information as you use and communicate through our services; we share your information to help us provide, improve, understand, customize and support our services.
  • Account Information. Username, email address, password, first name, surname, gender and profile picture may be available to anyone who uses our services (in your environment), although you can configure your service settings to manage certain information available to other users.
Managing Your Information If you would like to manage, change or limit your information, we allow you to do that through the following functionalities:
  • Changing username, email address, password, first name, surname, gender and profile picture. You can change your personal details using the web version of the Advanced-Forms Portal. After sign-in you can edit your personal details under “Account”.
Our Global Operations You agree to our information practices, including the collection, use, processing, and sharing of your information as described in this Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that the laws, regulations, and standards of the country in which your information is stored or processed may be different from those of your own country. Updates To Our Policy We may amend or update our Privacy Policy without your explicit consent.. Your continued use of our Services confirms your acceptance of our Privacy Policy, as amended. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy, as amended, you must stop using our Services. Please review our Privacy Policy from time to time. Contact Us If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at Quadira Mobile Privacy Policy Pater van den Elsenlaan 45-47 5462 GG Veghel The Netherlands