Live within weeks with Advanced-Forms® in combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365 UO

In a constantly moving market, Ampelmann is committed to providing the best maritime access solutions for moving people and cargo. Ampelmann has managed to change the world of offshore access and stands for safety, efficiency and reliability.

With a track record of over 8.6 million safe people transfers, over 25 million kg of cargo transfers and 540 projects worldwide, they are present in all major oil, gas and offshore wind markets. With a strong focus on innovation, they are able to set new standards to provide their customers with the safest and most cost-effective offshore access solutions for both people and freight transfers. While implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 UO, Ampelmann found that Microsoft’s standard did not meet their needs. As a result, Ampelmann decided to use Advanced-Forms® Cloud in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 UO.

Customization is absolutely not an option

Following the recommendation of Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner (HSO), Ampelmann ended up with Quadira. Quadira and HSO have had an intensive partnership for many years where together they have a track record of many successful implementations. Because of this cooperation, Advanced-Forms® has become a standard for HSO when it comes to document output management.

During the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 UO, Ampelmann’s starting point was not to use customization in the environment. During the implementation they ran into some GAPS where Ampelmann first tried to work with the standard solution. Soon they found out that this led to customization, which was absolutely not the intention. The desire to send files from Microsoft Dynamics 365 UO in PDF format was the perfect opportunity to start using Advanced-Forms® Cloud and eliminate manual operations in the future.

The choice for Advanced-Forms®

We currently use Advanced-Forms® Cloud for sending out POs and invoices. Since we were already fairly far along with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 UO, a choice had to be made quickly. After a demo of Quadira and the advice of our implementation partner it turned out to be a good match and eventually we will start using Advanced-Forms® more widely within the organization.

– Nazanin Hosseini, ERP Business consultant at Ampelmann Operations

Added value of Advanced-Forms® Cloud for Ampelmann

Nazanin Hosseini: One of the benefits for Ampelmann is that we are not disrupting the business by offering a functionality that we believe should be standard.” Without Advanced-Forms® Cloud, Ampelmann would have to manually convert the documents coming out of their ERP to PDF files which is not acceptable. In addition, it is time consuming and is not audit proof and therefore not compliant.

Nazanin Hosseini: All in all we enjoyed the implementation and cooperation and we are very satisfied with the product. Because Quadira came on board somewhat later, the pressure was high and we needed to get things such as end-user requirements clear quickly. The deployment of Advanced-Forms® Cloud has laid the foundation for a future without customization and manual operations.

Success story

From our ERP partner HSO, we received a request to help one of their customers. The customer was in the middle of its implementation, but still had some challenges. Ampelmann did not want to use customization and thus could not get away with the standard. Because there was quite a rush, HSO advised Ampelmann to deploy Advanced-Forms® Cloud. Quadira set up a meeting to discuss Ampelmann’s wishes. The wishes from Ampelmann were clear, however, there was a big challenge. Because they were in the middle of implementation, Advanced-Forms® had to be implemented and put live in a few weeks.

After an inventory we started working together with Ampelmann. By filtering the requirements well and keeping the lines of communication short, Ampelmann went live with Advanced-Forms® Cloud within a time frame of a few weeks.

All in all, it was an implementation by the book. During the implementation, Ampelmann found out that the standard was inadequate. By deploying Advanced-Forms® Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 UO, Ampelmann resolved these shortcomings in no time and thus successfully went live.

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