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Rituals is a Dutch cosmetics company founded in 2000 by Raymond Cloosterman. With more than 800 stores spread across 33 countries, Rituals is by far the most well-known cosmetics company. The range that makes Rituals a household name worldwide consists mainly of luxury hygiene products such as soaps, body scrubs, creams and even teas, clothing and perfumes!

When you visit a Rituals store you immediately notice that every detail is thought about. It smells delicious, the stores are beautifully decorated and every now and then the style of the store adapts to a new luxury product line. As you often see with cosmetic companies, they respond to (local) trends and developments and must be able to move quickly. Of course, this also involves the fact that Rituals wants to be flexible with its document flow and the layout of these documents. Rituals had been using Dynamics AX for some time and decided to make the step from Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 to Microsoft Dynamics 365UO in combination with Advanced-Forms®.

A strategic decision

On the advice of its Microsoft Dynamics implementation partner (HSO), Rituals turned to Quadira. Quadira and HSO already have a long-standing intensive partnership where together they have a track record of many successful migrations from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and new implementations of, among others, Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/CRM in combination with Advanced-Forms®.

Apart from the migration from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365UO, there was a strong need at Rituals to be able to easily format all documents and print and/or send them electronically. The migration was also the perfect opportunity for Rituals to recreate a wide range of documents. This was set up in a simple way so that adjustments to documents no longer required development work and Rituals created flexibility in customizing and creating new document layouts.

“With Advanced-Forms® we were able to set up all necessary documents including most of the local requirements of the countries where Rituals operates in a short period of time. This allows us to have the documents available quickly during the migration of an entity from AX2012 to D365UO, without the need for another developer. In addition, with Quadira’s help, we can quickly make changes to the documents if, for example, additional fields are needed or we want to change the layout.”

– Mark Polak, Business Analyst Finance (a.i.) at Rituals

The project's approach and experience with Quadira

Thijs Feenstra: “During the initial discussions, a clear desire quickly emerged; in addition to being able to generate and format its documents, Rituals particularly wanted to be relieved of the burden. Based on this wish we started looking for a suitable solution together with our partner e-Quest. Soon we came to an agreement between all parties involved. e-Quest manages and monitors the servers. Quadira maintains the software and makes adjustments when required. With this division of tasks Rituals is completely relieved of its documents and the hosting of these servers. In consultation with Rituals we take care of all desired changes without Rituals having to worry about them. All in all, Rituals is totally relieved of all its worries thanks to this set-up!”

“The cooperation during the implementation was excellent. After Rituals created the designs for the documents, Quadira’s consultants were able to quickly assess what data was still missing. HSO added the missing data, and in the meantime Quadira’s consultants got to work setting up the basis of the documents so that the Rituals key-users could already assess this.”

This included already making visible which data was still missing and would be delivered at a later date, which allowed for a very efficient way of working and validation. This led to an absolute minimum of re-work on the documents.

– Mark Polak, Business Analyst Finance (a.i.) at Rituals

Added value of Advanced-Forms® for Rituals

“We are reaping huge benefits by using Advanced-Forms® because we can now easily set up documents during an implementation of a new entity or for a migration from AX2012 to D365UO.

For entities with specific local requirements, the cooperation between HSO (Microsoft partner), Quadira and Rituals now runs like a well-oiled machine and document templates are delivered in no time.”

– Mark Polak, Business Analyst Finance (a.i.) at Rituals

Success story!

“Thanks to this well-oiled cooperation between all parties, we were able to set up a fast and smooth implementation at Rituals. By choosing Advanced-Forms ®, Rituals has been totally relieved of worries regarding its document flow and the layout of these documents. Furthermore, Rituals does not have to worry about the management of these servers, allowing them to fully focus on their business. All in all, with Advanced-Forms ® they have a flexible solution in house that fits the ambitions of Rituals so that they are ready not only now, but also in the future to grow along with its ambitions in terms of their documents. ”

– Thijs Feenstra, Sales Manager at Quadira

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