The standard reports in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Business Central do not support MICR font. So it is impossible to print Checks from your ERP platform. With our solution, called Advanced-Forms®, check printing is as easy as printing a regular document. We support the MICR Font and all other fonts you want to use. You can easily do it by yourself.
“connect, create and share your perfect documents”
It is also possible to make your invoices, purchase orders, quotations, transport documents and more of that with Advanced-Forms®! Advanced-Forms® is a cost- and time saving software solution for your output management. Advanced-Forms® is the solution you need, if you want to:
  • make your own MICR checks;
  • do more than what the standard ERP layout offers;
  • create documents in an easy, intuitive and accessible way;
  • save time and money when creating, distributing and archiving documents;
  • distribute documents by e-mail and/or mail (Print) in any format;
  • offer customers the possibility to build reports by themselves;
  • look for a scalable, future-proof total solution.
We can help you printing checks in minutes of time !! Would you like to know more about Advanced-Forms® and what this can mean for your organization? Please feel free to contact us via Or find us on AppSource!

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