RTIR is a new mandatory standard e-invoicing in Hungary
Quadira has been involved in electronic invoicing initiatives and carries the electronic invoicing trademark. Many of our Advanced-Forms® customers profit from our experiences and support for the automtated creation and distribution of electronic invoices in all sorts of required formats, such as UBL 2.0 XML. We now announce that we can also support the Hungarian RTIR format, which we can provide as part of our Advanced-Forms® solution to companies that need to automatically send their invoices in this format based on their application data.
RTIR in Hungary, invoice Real-Time Information Reporting
As of July 1, 2018, a RTIR system for the VAT information on invoices will enter into force in Hungary. The VAT information of invoices issued should be declared electronically to the HU TA (National TAX and CUSTOMS Administration). The government has provided users with a web page called Online Invoice System to check all the information and to be able to get ready for this new system (RTIR).
Business affected
The system is mandatory for all invoices that include VAT in excess of 100.000 HUF (around €320,-). This requirement will affect all businesses registered in Hungary for VAT purposes.
Information and deadlines
Connection with the Hungarian tax authority (HU TA) will take place via the web service. Each user will have to register at the HU TA system and create a technical user in order to be able to send data to the online platform. The HU TA will return a status of each report for invoices sent. The VAT data report will take place immediately and electronically, without human intervention.
The format required for sending the invoice data is XML. However, businesses should have their systems ready to send SAF (standard audit files) when required by the tax authority. This information will include:
  • General accounting, customers, suppliers and VAT.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Accounts payable.
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